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I joined WEP in 2016 as a political novice. I was excited to finally see a party putting women front and centre to tackle the structural inequalities I had always seen around me.
Fast forward 18 months and I was inspired to stand in the local council elections. It was my first experience of standing for public office, and I was WEP’s first ever candidate in Islington. Incredibly, WEP came a resounding second place to Labour, with votes from over 21% of voters. I believe this is because we focused firmly on canvassing, and voters saw that we offered a real alternative to the political status quo.

I am now proud to be co-leading the Islington branch. We are aiming to grow our diverse membership and are already planning a local election strategy for 2022.
Outside of WEP, I practised as a city lawyer for over 14 years, and have also sat on the governing body of an Islington school for the last four years.
I am hugely optimistic about WEP’s chances of success in the GLA election. As a lifelong Londoner, it would be a privilege to represent the party as a London list candidate.


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