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The main reason I am standing as a GLA List Candidate is because there appears to me that there is no other way of effecting lasting change for everyone in London. Take a glance back and take note of what life for Londoners has been. What is clear is that equality for women has not been achieved affecting the quality of life of the individual Londoner. A new way is necessary as the old traditional ways are not effective. The new way is putting Equality at the centre of everything.

Whom am I: I am a single mother of 3 children, a human rights lawyer with over 30 years experience of holding the State to account when it has interfered with the lives of individual Londoners and people across England and Wales.

I am a Facilitator of Workshops that centre on providing Emotional Intelligence and resilience  tools that are useful in an individuals’ journey to gaining mastery with their emotions. These are essential skills which when used lead to decisions that are not only good for the individual but impact possibility for the greater, the community, society and nation. 

I am a singer and interpreter of song, gifted with an “angelic” voice, at least so I am told. This combination of skills and experience place me in the right place and the right time, which is now to help bring equality to the centre of all decisions that are made for Londoners.

What are the reasons you should vote for me through voting for WEP? A vote for me is a Vote for acceptance that Equality reigns supreme. I am a person of integrity. I am seasoned at standing up to assist in bringing about new ways of approaching old issues and in doing things that are less impactful on the human rights of the individual. I have “bags” of emotional intelligence, meaning every decision is made and taken with the greater good in mind. The personal ego is contained and used only as a library where things are stored that provide “lubrication” to move things along, but not for personal gain.

I am a gentle Agent for Equality preferring that change is achieved through the winning of hearts and minds. Bringing people with you with the vision of equality. All in all I am a candidate that will keep to the “Brief” and bring equality to the centre of all decisions that are made for Londoners both individually and collectively.

I am humbled by the chance to serve you, allow me to do so by voting.

Use your third (orange ballet) vote to allow Equality a chance to gain seats on the London Assembly, it will be the best vote you will ever make.


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