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I’ve been a London resident for the majority of my life, a dedicated charity worker, avid equality rights campaigner & generally on a mission to make the world a nicer & fairer place for all… & now a Greater London Assembly (GLA) candidate for the Women’s Equality Party!

Even with all this passion to make society a better place for everyone, I never thought that me, a girl from a deprived background, mixed race & dreaming of equality, would ever be running as a political candidate.  

When I discovered the Women’s Equality Party (WEP), I found my political home. I was united with 30,000 WEP members & supporters. WEP made me realise I can be part of the political solution. Politics does not have to be made up of those groomed for political representation or those who have never experienced inequality & therefore do not take action to address it.

Politics needs ordinary women like me to be at the table & help end women’s inequality.

Your donation will help fund me to run as a GLA political candidate & help the Women's Equality Party transform London into the first gender equal city!  


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