Invite your candidates to pledge

Who will stand with us against violence? 

To mark the United Nation’s 16 days to end violence against women and girls, we are asking candidates from across the political spectrum to sign our pledge to end harassment and abuse in Westminster. 

In the last two years over 20 Politicians have been accused of violence or harassment. Not one of them has been removed from office. 

As long as lawmakers are allowed to act with impunity we cannot hope to create a more equal future or one that is free from violence. 

With your help we can end abuse - starting with Westminster

Two months ago a team of campaigners and survivors of male violence announced that they would be standing as Women’s Equality Party parliamentary candidates - challenging parliament's culture of impunity at the ballot box. 

Since that announcement four out of the five MPs we targeted have stood down - a huge success for the campaign. 

But this was never just about them. Parliament’s approach to harassment and abuse is broken. Lawmakers have been allowed to turn a blind eye to the actions of their colleagues for far too long. 

Help us to change parliament for good

It doesn’t have to be like this. In this election, every candidate has a choice - they can act to end this culture of impunity. Or continue to turn a blind eye to the actions of their colleagues. 

That’s why we are calling on all candidates to make a simple pledge - to end abuse, starting with Westminster.

Ask your candidate to take a stand against violence and harassment.