Election Phonebanks

Give few hours of your time to make a huge difference.

A General Election has been announced and we need to raise enough money to fund our stand-out election strategy: WE will stand five survivors against five MPs with unresolved allegations of harassment and violence - because violence has no place in parliament. We need as many volunteers as possible to join us to call our members and donors to tell them about our exciting campaign and invite them to make a donation to build our campaign fund. 

You will be calling supporters who, like you, want to shake up politics and make change happen, and who have told us they want to be called by us. By giving your time on this important day, you'll be able to make a massive difference to the formidable women who will be standing up against MPs who should be held accountable. Please sign up asap to let us if know you can attend. 

Things you need to know: 

☕ Tea and snacks will be provided to keep you going.

😰 If you have never done a fundraising phonebank before, or feel nervous about calling strangers, be reassured that we will provide full training and call scripts, and answer all your questions before you start calling. If you still don't fancy calling we have plenty other ways you can help, such as sending follow-up texts, so please sign up even if you are not completely sure.

🎁 We know you're not in it for the swag, but... each phonebanker who joins us on the night will get a limited edition WE goody bag and there will be a special prize to the person who raises the most on the night. Don't miss out! 


No phonebanks yet.