Conference 2023 - Self-organising spaces

Conference 2023 poster

Self-organising space agenda

C O N F E R E N C E  T I C K E T S

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Fringe spaces at conference is the perfect opportunity for delegates to connect, build communities and make plans that will help drive political change. 

4 T H  N O V E M B E R 

Work room 2

09:15 - 18.30

What is the End Sexism in Schools Campaign – and how you can help


‘Spoiled Identities’

Led by the Greater Manchester Branch

Healing the Hurts of Racism and Sexism to Revitalise Your Activism

Led by the WE Race Equality Caucus. Facilitated by Olivia Vincenti, Chair of the Race Equality Caucus and Erin Mansell, Chair of the Anti-Racism Committee (Steering Committee)


LGBTQI+ Feminists

Led by the WE LGBTQI+ Caucus

Creating accessible social media content’

Led by WE Disability Caucus

‘Sheffield Branch – ‘What Next?’

Led by the Sheffield Branch

 F U L L  P R O G R A M M E