Pledge to end abuse

Women's Equality Party is calling for general election candidates to stand with us against violence and harassment

In the last two years over 20 MPs have been accused of violence or harassment, and not one of them has been removed from office.

Westminster’s approach to abuse is broken. The culture of covering up, excusing and turning a blind eye to the toxic behaviour of some parliamentarians has to stop. 

With your help we can end abuse - starting with Westminster

By signing the Women’s Equality Party pledge, candidates commit to standing against violence and harassment in Westminster by voting to: 

  1. Empower constituents to recall MPs found guilty of violence or harassment
  2. Extend the independent investigation process to protect constituents, party activists and others not employed by Parliament
  3. Ensure that all allegations of violence and harassment by prospective candidates are investigated, and concluded before they are selections process are completed

This election is an opportunity to build a new parliament, one that could lead the way on tackling abuse. But that is impossible while our lawmakers are being allowed to act with impunity.  

Are you a voter?  Email this page to a candidate to show you stand against violence >>